March 02, 2008



Very enjoyable. Found your site linked from boingboing.net.

One of the things that struck me about riding a passenger train a few years ago is how often you are looking into people's back yards. It almost seemed voyeuristic.

One correction: you said trellises but you probably meant trestles.


Got the link off of boingboing.net.

This is a really cool project. How can I be of help?

Iam about 45mins away from Fresno.


I have explored and studied the history and features of this route since I was at Berkeley studying architecture in the...well, I guess, a long time ago. Anyway, I can answer a lot of your questions if you are interested. You are probably aware that Davisville was established by the California Pacific Railroad, but I bet you did not know that strange metal contraption connected to the tracks is used to spread a small amount of grease (nowadays, it's soy-based and biodegradable) on the passing wheel flanges to reduce wheel and rail wear on tight curves. For a good "popular" book (as opposed to "academic") on the history of the line, I suggest looking for "Southern Pacific's Western Division," by John Signor. It has lots of pretty pictures that will help to clarify the past uses of some of the sites along the tracks, like the nasty leadworks that used be at Oleum, between Crockett and Rodeo.

Also, because I am an adult, and such, I am supposed to warn you to never trespass on railroad property like I did constantly when I was your age. It can be rather dangerous, and those Amtrak trains can really catch you by surprise if the wind is blowing the other way. Please be careful. Do not take chances.


Hey Lady

There are monthly boat trips out to the mothball fleet if you ever want to come with me. Also, I heard that in times of serious drought the water mostly recedes from that area and the boats just sit on marshy land. Not sure if it's true. But that would be an excellent walk.

Joe Scmuckatella

Take a look at these sties:



That UP cop can't stop you if you're on pulic property.

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