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October 30, 2007


jane when i order coffee

re:#3 -- dude, i just went to a talk by an irb person, and i have the overwhelming feeling that the answer is 'no'--at least not with a uc davis title attached to it. this is also terrible news for my proposed project, which was going to spend its whole life being free-form and organic and beautiful and now is maybe going to spend its life in the garbage telling stories about how it could have been a contender.

the good news is i really do like your question. i also like bee space. when i lived in the dorms i made faux bedposts out of cardboard tubes and hung fabric like a canopy bed because it made it feel more like a fort, which was cooler than a 16x9 cinderblock room that 4 people lived in.

i bookmarked the rss feed to your blog and now ive commented on it twice. is this annoying or cute?

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